Thursday, January 15, 2009

Follow up to Web 2.0 & Information Literacy Seminar

Thanks to all those who contributed to the seminar on Web 2.0 & Information Literacy. Around 40 people attended the face to face session with a number of people contributing online via the Twitter tag #uoltan. Here is a captured data stream from the session:

Web 2.0 & Information Literacy

Running a live presentation, leading a discussion and trying to balance face to face and online interactions is not an undertaking for the fainthearted! Apologies to those who asked me questions via Twitter during the presentation and to who I was not able to reply, and my thanks to those who helped support the remote participants and the Twitter noobs.

I'd like to pick up on a few comments from the Twitter stream:

Facebook: We specifically didn't look at Facebook as part of this project, although it was mentioned by students in the feedback. IMO, pushing materials at students via Facebook is a dodgy route, even if they've asked for it. they will soon start to complain that you are invading their online social spaces. Allowing students to pull academic content into Facebook is a different matter, since this remains under the complete control of the students. Using Facebook as a delivery channel (push) is a no-no.

Noise: There was discussion about noise, both in terms of physical noise from people typing during the presentation and signal:noise ratios in online information. Dare I say there seemed to be an age divide in the responses to these issues? A few hours after the session, I found this: Teaching in the Age of Distraction. For more on this topic, see: and