Thursday, January 01, 2009

Mad, bad and dangerous to know

web I've frightened myself by working out how many blog posts I wrote in 2008. Worryingly, the total was well over 850: over 300 at MicrobiologyBytes, 475 here at SOTI, and 80 over at the Frogroom.

What did I write about?
Here, via PostRank, which counts inbound links, tweets, delicious links, comments, etc, were the top SOTI posts of 2008:
  1. It's your ePortfolio, now get reflecting
  2. This House (Blog) Believes That Twitter Groups Are Not Necessary
  3. A failed hypothesis (was: A failed experiment)
  4. RAE 2008 In Pain English Feat. Hugh Janus
  5. The PLE chickens come home to roost
How long did all this take and was it worth it?
Some posts (e.g. those made with Kwout) only take a few seconds. Others, such as the more complicated posts at MicrobiologyBytes, might take close to a full day, not that I ever spend a full day doing one thing, so they're all made up of blocks of time from here and there, often at night and weekends. So the answers to How long did all this take is I really don't know. Blogging is so tightly woven into my working practice that it is inseparable from everything else. Writing grants, papers, talking to colleagues, writing talks - my blogging is integral to all of these. Is it worth it? I don't know of another tool (not even Twitter, which is complementary to blogging but not a substitute) which would allow me to achieve what blogging does:

Space to think in an overcrowded life