Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Precious

My Precious Regular readers will know that I'm a fan of the concept of aggregation, but I'm still struggling make it work in a practical way. Jo responded to Monday's post with a comment wondering if FriendFeed was the answer to promoting conversation around Google Reader shared items:

On the face of it, FriendFeed is tailor-made for this purpose, but I don't think it's the answer I'm looking for. If I was mad enough to try to design (another) social network (I've learned my lesson), it would be a lot like FriendFeed, perhaps with an added semantic twist.

FriendFeed works well at drawing people in. Once there, creation of communities is a natural next step. Although most of these die a ningering (oh, sorry, that should have been lingering ;-) painful death, a few have the spark of life breathed into them, such as the Life Scientists room or the active community which has spring up around Scoble. And that's great, except that that's not really what I'm trying to do here. I'm trying to establish a nexus for conversation around the items I want to share and discuss, not to build an entirely new online community. And that's why I don't think FriendFeed is the answer to this one.

One Ring to rule them all
One Ring to find them
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

Maybe you violently disagree with me, and want to tell me why by leaving a comment ;-)

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