Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The QR Code Idea Factory

Andy Ramsden Yesterday Andy Ramsden from Bath visited to run a QR code "idea factory" as part of his JISC project. There was lively discussion, enthusiasm, biscuits and lots of ideas were generated. For us now the next step must be to turn the enthusiasm into practical outcomes. For me, the most important points to emerge from the discussion were:

Formats: Codes from mobile devices should point at resources formatted for mobile devices. Audio works well on phones (duuh!). Video may or may not do - the QR codes on Pepsi cans point to a video which doesn't play on iPhones - what were they thinking? Do students want to pay to download a one hour video of your lecture - I think not. Do we devote enough resources to generating mobile-compatible materials, and if not, will the rise of QR codes force us to do so? And what does it all mean for accessibility?

Security concerns: Could someone edit a physical QR code to produce an undesirable result? Are QR codes trusted resources - where do they lead you? Phishing? Viruses?

Much thinking still to do.
QR Cod
Can you tell what it is yet?

Here are Andy's thoughts on the meeting, including these nice mindmaps.