Friday, January 30, 2009

Twitter flash debate: What are the key components of a viral idea?

Martin's summary | Twitterstream:

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mweller: what are the key components of a viral idea?

PhilGreaney: @mweller a viral idea can be accurately distilled into 140 characters

PhilGreaney: @mweller any mileage in thinking about a viral idea in terms of memes? What makes a meme successful? (expand)

AJCann: One key component of virality is perceived novelty - the old cannot be viral

AJCann: Twitter is going viral among celebs. What does that tells us about virality?

joenicholls: @mweller obvious relevance to self, low barrier to adoption, quick meaningful return on effort

AJCann: @mweller Yes, although I'd prefer to think about Twitter adoption in terms of bacterial growth curves ;-)

mweller: Can we use virality in teaching? eg getting students to engage with ideas?

msars: @mweller Viral CPD e.g. ent email re use of eBeam in LT, this was fwd to more staff, then 2 replies cc to all suggested diff options.

msars: @mweller Viral CPD e.g. Sent email re use of eBeam in LT, this was fwd to more staff, then 2 replies cc to all suggested diff options.

sheilmcn: @mweller - you would hope so, but might need to start small to show validity to students.

R3beccaF: @mweller Just watched a TedTalk that said that viral ideas are like purple cows - they're remarkable

AJCann: Students already have viral networks, but very informal. Shoiuld we interfere?

AJCann: Is the PLE a viral idea?

jvvw: @mweller read this recently

AJCann: Rt @Psythor: Gah, my university library is shite. It doesn't have any of the books or journals I need for a presentation a week today

AJCann: @mweller Ownership of learning via PLEs may generate positive reaction?

sarahhorrigan: can't think of @mweller's tag without thinking about Professor Yaffle from Bagpuss

psychemedia: this is probably something I got from @stuartbrown - do you *really* mean "viral" or do you mean "word of mouth"?;-)

psychemedia: @mweller I think your viral idea needs a psycho-viral theoretical underpinning, with maybe a dash of memetic analysis thrown in?

mweller: @psychemedia not really, for me viral ideas are something that create a reaction in people. edupunk is a good example

sheilmcn: rt with tag sheilmcn @mweller @pyschemedia so is any reaction valid then? Or is it only if it has some educational impact?

sheilmcn: @mweller would love to see activity come directly from students and not be artificially created by "educators"

mweller: @sheilmcn but can we help create the environment, both technically and intellectually in which that happens?

Araldia: @mweller encouraging students to create is hard going, you seen the google generation report by BL?

mweller: @Araldia agreed, I think they need something to react to, which is where virality helps, it gets you going before you know it

Araldia: @mweller which is the best way to involve students? viral covers such a large scope, visual, music, game, etc

AJCann: Is quality important? How does "viral" relate to quality, trust?

amcunningham: @AJCann viral is usually simple. doesn't take much thinking before you get it and pass on.

mweller: @Araldia I think of it more as a means of getting engagement irrespective of media - viral ideas in education

AJCann: @amcunningham So is "viral" compatible with "education"?

Araldia: @mweller need to start with the educators not the students then?

sheilmcn: @mweller - well yes, but I have nagging voices in my head. I think the intellectual environment most important

mweller: bad things about viral? a) can look a bit desperate, b) can be irritating and c) may just promote repetition. Others?

AJCann: @mweller bad things about viral? In academic/education, perceived as social rather than authoritative.

amcunningham: @AJCann if it is blindingly, obviously good then viral will work in education, but then students have always shared that

ctscho: @mweller "Viral" inspires situational interest-feels best to get out of way of further learner explorations; wary of commandeering it.

PhilGreaney: @mweller following @AJCann 's 'novelty' idea - can be frothy, unproven: more surface than substance (unlike AJCann himself, I'm sure!)

ostephens: virality requires: low entry barrier and rapid take up in core community

mrees: @mweller spotting level of virality to justify time for successful exploitation is key, eg took screencasting 2-3 yrs to become viral