Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Year of Future Learning - an experiment #YOFL

#YOFL Yesterday Martin Weller launched an idea he's been working on for a while - the Year of Future Learning:

A loosely coupled, distributed research 'project'. We declare 09 the 'year of future learning' (#YOFL). I accept that 'the year of X' is a bit naff, and comes with all sorts of anti-arguments, (what about next year?) but as a means of focusing our energies, providing opportunities for review, and giving a broad enough umbrella it provides a useful framework.
This is a means of aggregating existing resources and events by tagging them - in the Weinberger sense, we may as well put our leaves on as many branches as possible, so for instance there will be sessions at Northern Voice and Alt-C which could be made part of the YOFL simply by adding the tag.
But I see it as much more than just another meme or tag, I also want to use it as a means of instigating some new open, distributed activities. I have in mind the following:
  • A set of interesting questions generated by the community
  • Connected blog posts around particular topics - blog-carnivals
  • An open, special edition journal
  • Combined research results
  • A workshop format that anyone can run, and share results via a wiki
  • 'Live' events e.g. George Siemens' Elluminate sessions
  • 'Flash debates' in twitter around a specific topic, which are then summarised
  • Face to face sessions at various conferences
  • A wiki/blog/site collecting all of this material together
  • An end of year review
Martin also wrote:

I want to avoid any perceptions of elitism so the idea is that this is open to anyone. I've emailed a few blog chums to see if they would be interested in doing some of the above, to give it some traction, but essentially it's open. If there is a topic of burning interest to you, run an activity and it'll be pulled in.

So join us, and join in.