Thursday, February 19, 2009


1. You preface everyone’s name with “@” in real life in the same way some Jeopardy freaks answer everything in the form of a question.

2. Your friend starts a blog to announce that she’s engaged/divorced/adopted a child, because she’s realized that RSS is the most reliable way to communicate with you.

3. You can’t recall whether a recent conversation took place on Twitter, a message board, or in blog comments. Face-to-face never even occurs to you as an option.

4. All the various auto-posting services you’ve subscribed to have created a continuing loop that threatens to create a wormhole which may possibly consume the internet.

5. You criticize your spouse for checking his Facebook account while driving… on Facebook.

6. You have to declare feed reader and email bankruptcy so often, you’ve effectively unsubscribed from everything.

7. Instead of your planner, you check your Twitter stream to see when your last hair/dentist/doctor’s appointment was, because it’s a more reliable source.