Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Susans and Roberts

Yesterday's post (Don't mention the B-word) set off an interesting Twitter discussion. During the course of this, Eingang pointed me at "Teaching for Quality Learning at University" by John Biggs & Catherine Tang, and this video:

This gets dangerously close to learning styles, which, as we know, are a dead end. And even if they weren't, they don't help me in trying to establish a culture of reflection, whether through ePortfolios or blogging, in a competitive, fact-based discipline. Fortunately, Biggs gives us the answer, which is Constructive Alignment (along with some Motherhood and Apple Pie).

Gosh, it's so obvious when you know how, although I can't help feeling that a few of the details are missing ... such as, if it's that easy, why am I surrounded with Roberts and Robertas? ;-)

I'm much more interested in another remark Eingang made about reflection, to the effect that "You have to get the students to buy into it". More good advice ... but how?