Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bad service from Apple in Leicester?

Apple Highcross Exactly one week ago, I walked in the Apple store in Highcross, Leicester, as a customer. Of course, I've been in there before, but never to put any money down, so this was my first f2f encounter with the Apple "Geniuses" (why does anything Apple labels "genius" turn to ashes?).

A couple of days before, the disk had failed in one of my G5 iMacs. I knew what the problem was and was able to tell the store staff. After a 20 minute discussion (which I was forced to gradually escalate into "argument"), they somewhat grudgingly agreed to take the machine for repair. Yes, I could have done it myself, but the idea was that this would be less trouble.

Three days later - nothing. So I phone them. They confirm the disk needs replacing. I authorise the repair. Ten minutes later I get a phone call from a different Apple "Genius". Did you just phone us? Sigh.

A week later - nothing. I phone them again. They don't have the part yet. They don't know when the repair will be completed. Fail.

I've never had a problem with Apple's premium pricing, because I've never regarded it as a premium, simply as value for money. So, have I been particularly unlucky? Is the Highcross store particularly dozy? Is Apple losing the plot?