Friday, March 13, 2009

Building a Science Commons

Building a Science Commons "... the science world has not created efficient means of communicating knowledge as the net did for more general topics. So far, the science world has taken paper metaphors and made them digital, which doesn't really enable new models of easy data sharing. The scientific community is a stable system that has an "immune response" that is resistant to change. Prohibitive license agreements and patents create chilling effects that prevent efficient communication means from evolving.

... in the scientific community "there is no crowd". On the net in general one can apply concepts of Wisdom of Crowds to all sort of problems, but the knowledge required to participate in scientific crowds is uncommon. This fact creates significant barriers to entry to create the types of innovations that we commonly find on the web. Creating a science commons presents a clear goal with clear benefits - open rights provide for a multiplicity of incentives. Commons become the infrastructure of innovation as we've seen on the web."