Monday, March 02, 2009

My mind is made up

MicrobiologyBytes As I hoped, Friday's post Should I stay or should I go? produced lots of helpful comments, and allowed me to reach a decision. Microbiologybytes will be moving to its own domain ( at the end of this month.

The decision I was trying to make was whether to retain my independence, or whether by joining a blog network I would be able to further my aim of communicating with people interested in microbiology. In principle, I still lean towards the network concept, but the problem is that the existing science blog networks are not organic entities which have evolved from their membership but fronts for commercial publishers. At the present time, independence and, I hope, diversity and openness, wins.

When I wasn't doing other things last week, I spent quite a lot of time reflecting on the future of MicrobiologyBytes and where I wanted to go with it in the future, but it wasn't until I blogged about it and entered into dialogue with the commenters that I was able to reach a decision. Reflection is not just a passive process, but also an active one in which openness and conversation with informed peers and mentors is an invaluable component.