Tuesday, April 28, 2009

EU net neutrality - the time to act is now (please reblog/retweet)

EU logo Under the proposed new EU rules, broadband providers will be legally able to limit the number of websites you can look at, and to tell you whether or not you are allowed to use particular services. It will be dressed up as "new consumer options" which people can choose from. People will be offered TV-like packages - with a limited number of options for you to access.

Sounds scary? If so, then you need to find out more about the proposed EU Telecoms Package that will destroy a key part of internet openness by allowing telecoms companies to discriminate in the way that they handle IP packets according to their type. This will be voted on on May 5th 2009.

Find your MEP now (other EU countries) and send them this suggested letter (or your own version). You might like to remind them that the European elections take place on 4th June 2009 and they'll be looking for your vote ;-)

You can also join the Blackout Europe Facebook group to stay up to date on the issue.