Monday, April 06, 2009

Perceptions of Feedback

Bioscience Education Perceptions of Feedback One Year On: A Comparative Study of the Views of First and Second Year Biological Sciences Students
Jon Scott, Jo Badge and Alan Cann.
School of Biological Sciences and Dept of Biology, University of Leicester.
Bioscience Education vol 13, 2009.

The results are presented of a survey comparing the perceptions of first and second year bioscience students regarding their experience of feedback on coursework. The two cohorts displayed similar levels of satisfaction regarding the quantity and timing of feedback, even though changes in assessment format entailed different actual experiences. By contrast, the second year students expressed markedly lower levels of satisfaction regarding the guidance received in using feedback and the utility and transferability of the feedback received. These findings are discussed in the context of changes made to the first year of teaching aimed at facilitating the transition to study at university.