Wednesday, April 29, 2009


AJCann: Interesting that @MarcusduSautoy followers count dropped during his latest "Twittorial" - too noisy for twitter?

MarcusduSautoy: I guess @AJCann and @richardveryard are right though. Too many tweets gets "noisy". Just experimenting with how you can use this medium.

AJCann: @MarcusduSautoy The "Twittorial" is a great idea, but I guess Twitter is all about filtering, people dislike it being used as a push medium.

Alun: @AJCann @MarcusduSautoy I liked it. Perhaps more people like the idea following a Maths prof, than maths?

Alun: @MarcusduSautoy A blog post would be easier for followers to point people to, if they like it, rather than many tweets.

AJCann: @alun @MarcusduSautoy But Twitter may be better for promoting conversations (like this one) than a blog post?

PlanetChemistry: Bioscience students doing chemistry always ask for more tutorials. Maybe "Twittorials" is the way to go!?

AJCann: @PlanetChemistry "Twittorial" idea is worth further exploration: conversation (like this one) rather than push though?

PlanetChemistry: Absolutely. I think this is a great medium where peer learning could be nurtured.

AJCann: @PlanetChemistry Give students points for asking the best question in 140 characters? (then answer them) - semi-synchronous tutorial?

PlanetChemistry: Like that idea! Fits so well with the texting culture.

PlanetChemistry: I feel a project coming on...!