Friday, May 08, 2009

A few updates

First of all, with regard to EU net neutrality - the time to act is now - it worked! See: Net-neutrality clause likely to delay telecoms reform, so if you got off your arse and did something, pat yourself on the back. Personally, I'm going to claim a fair slice of the credit for my Eurobreakfast campaign.

Next, I'm delighted to tell you that my Constipation has been eased. Starting out with the intention of writing a blog post, before I knew where I was I had banged out a thousand words, and after that it was plain sailing. I'd like to think it was the power of blogging that solved my problem, but I suspect that writing has a Schrödinger-like quality to it - to observe is to perturb.

Last, in case you were wondering, What is the meaning of life? Here's the answer: