Thursday, May 21, 2009


Learning and Teaching in the Sciences Tomorrow (Friday) morning is our annual Learning and Teaching in the Sciences event at the University of Leicester, which is going to be a little different this year in the form of a participant-driven "unconference", centred around the theme of assessment.

Understandably, some people have expressed some reservations about this, and while the organizer is maintaining a calm front, I suspect he's pretty nervous about how it's going to go, so I may have to buy him some cake this afternoon ;-)

You can see more details about the event here, but most importantly, you can participate. Undoubtedly some of us will be Twittering using the hashtag #uollts, and I'm going to try to persuade Stuart to put the tweetstream on screen. This is probably going to be as big a challenge to some of the Twossers as the unconference format, so please drop by between 10.30 and 12.30 tomorrow. You never know, you might learn something :-)