Friday, June 12, 2009


Halp! Yesterday was an interesting exercise in presence and attention. Jo pointed me at the possibility of realtime blogging with embedded FriendFeed onjects (from Andy Brudtkuhl). A quick trial provoked an interesting discussion and clearly this has great promise.

Busy day yesterday, several meetings, exam marking and trying to participate in online discussions. All of which made me realize that attention and presence in the overlapping but distinct communities I am part of on Twitter and FriendFeed is impossible. What I need is a strategy, which is:
  1. I'm primarily a Twitterer, dropping in on FriendFeed 2-3 times a day and checking the RSS feed in Google Reader. For me on a regular basis, Twitter is realtime and conversational, Friendfeed is more asynchronous.
    FriendFeed is still too darn noisy (go on, tell me I'm doing it wrong). Right now all my FriendFeed peeps are in a big heap. I need to go through and separate them into personal and professional, and maybe do some pruning of the ones with a low signal:noise ratio.
  2. If I'm at an event which is going to be well covered by a Twitter hashtag, Twitter is the way for me to go. Twitter makes less demands on my attention than Friendfeed and allows me to participate more in the live event.
  3. I plan to use embedded Friendfeed objects for liveblogging events which are not well covered by a cohort of Twitterers. I'll have several opportunities to try this out over the next few weeks.
My problem with liveblogging is my non-existent typing ability - which is less significant on Twitter than Friendfeed.

So what sort of event is SLTC09?