Wednesday, June 03, 2009

CiteULike just got better

Within hours of asking, CiteULike implemented a direct way to flag items for collaborators, the Share option:

I'm liking CiteULike better the more I use it. For one thing, there's less spam than on Connotea. I'm also discovering more about the best file formats to use. To prevent SPAM entering the database, the auto-import feature of CiteULike only works on "trusted" sites such as PubMed, etc. RIS and BibTeX uploads are treated as "unchecked" - i.e., potential spam. DOIs are parsed automatically and checked if possible. This means that there are two "categories of articles in CiteULike: "checked" and "unchecked". "Checked" articles offer more features than "unchecked", so when adding to CiteULike, the way to go is:
  1. Auto-import.
  2. If this fails, use DOI (My CiteULike: Post URL).
  3. If this fails (because what you want to cite doesn't have a DOI) use RIS or BibTeX (but these citations will be second-class citizens in some respects).