Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A critical examination of Blackboard’s e-learning environment

Blackboard’s e–learning system dominates the online learning software market. In this essay I critically examine the structure of Blackboard’s two online learning delivery systems, Blackboard 8.0 and Blackboard CE6. I identify ways in which the platforms both constrain and facilitate instructor–student and student–student interaction. I addition, I delineate features that sustain and challenge traditional power relationships in the classroom. I conclude with implications for online pedagogy and practical applications for instructors and students.

...the aims of Blackboard administrators and management likely conflict with many instructors’ goals. Although Blackboard designers structure the course platform for efficiency and profit, instructors and students need a course environment optimized for learning and performative teaching.

Coopman, Stephanie. "A critical examination of Blackboard’s e-learning environment" First Monday [Online], Volume 14 Number 6 (17 May 2009)