Thursday, June 04, 2009


DJ For the past couple of weeks I've been using as an additional delivery channel for my MicrobiologyBytes podcasts over Twitter. If you enter the URL of an mp3 audio file into the search box at, you can then send a Tweet linking to the file.

Yesterday I was on a mission to find a site or application which has Audioboo-like functionality without a phone, i.e. record an audio file and Twitter a link to it without an intervening upload stage, i.e. record direct. I got a few suggestions on Twitter but none of them were very functional. (Still looking.)

Then George Roberts asked me about mixing microbiology podcasts with the music stream, which set me thinking back to my podcasting origins. The very first podcast series I produced contained a mixture of speech and music - similar to the way Graham Attwell does Sounds of the Bazaar. I never felt entirely comfortable with this mixture, but when I eventually stopped producing the series, lots of people asked me to carry on. The first student podcasts I produced also contained a bizarre mixture of music and mathematics ("Sounds of the Bizarre?") which again I was never entirely comfortable with, but the student feedback regular said "the music is the best bit". So I don't really have a problem with mixing academic content and music, even if I don't feel comfortable or confident imposing my musical choices on others.

But I'm still looking for a free web-based Audioboo equivalent to that I can experiment with micro-podcasting and enrich my Twitter streams.