Monday, June 29, 2009

Surely you're video podcastling, Mr Everyman!

On Saturday, I mused about the problems with online video. Coincidentally, this morning I was pointed at this video podcast:

For all it's lack of technical proficiency, this video has something. It communicates because the presenters are engaging. But for how long will these guys be prepared to make the effort to meet in a parked car, record a thoughtful video and then post it online? Isn't the overhead of doing this too high to be sustainable?

Last year I had a Public Understanding of Science grant from the Society for General Microbiology under the terms of which I had to make a monthly video podcast for MicroBiologyBytes. I achieved this, but by the end of the year, the effort was weighing down on me and breathed I sigh of relief when it was over. It reminded me of the toll The Show seemed to take on zefrank by the end of a year. I'd like to make more video podcasts, but I'm not saying when.

And yet I remain bullish about online video. Maybe it's my Star Trek adolescence, but I still believe that when the right tool comes along with a Twitter-like click, online video conversation will be the future: