Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Geeks with phones

QR code Last week I was in Bristol talking about QR codes with a bunch of smart people as part of Andy Ramsden's JISC QR project. It emerged early on that all the partners were having the same problems - buy-in to an unfamiliar technology, technical issues with phone readers, etc. After half an hour or so we got bored and started to think more about where we'd like to be with mobile technologies in five years time (reaching the conclusion that it's far from clear that QR codes will take us there, but the lessons learned along the way will be valuable anyway).

So what have you got to look forward to on the QR front in the next few months? Well, if you're a student starting at a UK university next session, it's going to be hard to avoid one of the many QR-based induction week treasure hunts coming down the pipeline :-) There will also be much fun to be had at ALT-C 2009, with talk of Golden Tickets to be won. And then there's the planned cross-institutional survey coming in the autumn, with mega tech prizes to be awarded at each participating institution.

During the day we had a "short" field trip to play with the technology at a nearby art installation, which James Clay captured on this video:

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