Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time is money

We all know that the effectiveness of a meeting is inversely proportional to the number of attendees and their collective salaries. How much working time do you waste in meetings, and how much does it cost your organization? Well, now you can find out using Meeting Ticker:

Meeting ticker

More importantly, how much CO2 do you burn traveling to meetings? Leaving aside the fact that I've just been ripped off again by having to pay £102 for a day return rail ticket from Leicester to Bristol (booked in advance of the day of travel - ticket guy sucked his teeth and apologized when he saw how expensive it was, but then said it was my fault because I needed to be in Bristol "so early" - 10.30 am!). Do you really need to go to that meeting or can you video conference it?

Google Chat allows you to do this, in your browser, for free, but in my experience many people prefer to use Skype (also free for online conferencing, voice, video chat and file transfer). Some institutions with a backward IT policy try to prevent people using Skype, preferring them to be away from the institution and harm the environment.

If you're at the University of Leicester and you need to use Skype on campus for academic purposes, you can email and get permission to use it. Fight climate change and make the Univerity of Leicester a greener organization.

I dare you!

Update: More on Skype at UoL