Monday, August 31, 2009

PMSL @timeshighered

MicrobiologyBytes For more than three years (since April 2006) I've been experimenting with weekly podcasts covering all aspects of microbiology. I decided to have a break over the last month, and during that time I have been thinking about the future.

On balance, I don't feel that the audio format of these podcasts adds much value to the content beyond what could be achieved with text and images in the style of standard posts on MicrobiologyBytes. In some circumstances though, a video can add significant value, so I have decided not to post any more audio podcasts for the foreseeable future and to invest the time in producing occasional videos which you will be able to view on this site. All of the old podcast files will remain available on

Having taken this decision, the next thing I read in THE was Academics must wise up to Web 2.0 marketing – and the answer is high-quality podcasts. Laughable. YouTube? Yes. Twitter? Yes. Facebook? Yes.

Another example of "experts" telling academics how to do their jobs. Wake me up when you've actually got some experience of the technology you're talking about.