Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bioscience Reps Forum 2009

logo Today I'm shifting my conference focus from ALT-C in Manchester to the HEA Centre for Bioscience Representatives' Forum 2009 in Birmingham. There's no hashtag (event is too small) but I'll probably Twitter a bit. Here's the programme:

12.00 Welcome and introduction to the forum
David Adams, Director, Centre for Bioscience

12.15 Interactive video session
Julian Park, Centre for Bioscience and Chris Willmott, University of Leicester

13.45 Activities to lead into Discussion Session
Sheryl Meskin, Centre for Bioscience

15.00 Discussion Session
Steve Maw, Centre for Bioscience

16.15 Swapshop Session 1
Interactive Swapshop: Katherine Rogers, Queen’s University, “Knowing and using learning style preferences to enhance the learning experience for our students”
Stephen McClean, University of Ulster, “Context/Problem Based Learning to Deliver Biological Mass Spectrometry to Year 1 Bioscience Students”
Ian Turner, University of Derby, “PDP - Pain in a Departments Privates?”
Merryn Eckberg, University of Northampton, “Bioethics for bioscience students: a review of teaching strategies”

Friday 11th September

09.15 Swapshop Session 2
INTERACTIVE SWAPSHOP: Dave Lewis, University of Leeds, "Science & Society activities; an alternative to traditional laboratory-based final year research projects"
Dave Skingsley, Staffordshire University, “Second year laboratory based group work as an aid to undergraduate project preparation”
Peter Klappa, University of Kent, “Promoting active learning through ‘pub quizzes’”
Paul McLaughlin, University of Edinburgh, “Richer feedback with e-submission and video summaries”

11.00 Centre Activities Update
Jackie Wilson, Centre Manager, Centre for Bioscience
The Role of the Postgraduate Student in Delivering Bioscience Teaching - Jon Scott, University of Leicester & Steve Maw, Centre for Bioscience
Reps Fund Update:
1. Networking Events Designed to Encourage Participation of PhD Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows (Anne-Margaret Tierney, Joy Perkins and Morven Shearer)
2. A Mentorship Scheme for Teaching-only Practitioners (Kay Yeoman, Julian Park, Damian Parry, Dave Lewis)
Open Educational Resources Project - Terry McAndrew, Centre for Bioscience
External Examiner Database – Steve Maw, Centre for Bioscience

12.30 Reflections on the Forum and closing remarks
David Adams, Director, Centre for Bioscience