Friday, September 25, 2009

Breathing life into Beyond Google

BeyondGoogle BeyondGoogle is a rather loose-knit information literacy strategy we've been thinking about for some time, without, it has to be said, making very much progress. I'm pleased to say that on Wednesday, the Biological Sciences Board of Studies approved my proposal to revise our second year key skills module to include a beefed-up information literacy strand:

To integrate with existing information literacy teaching on this module and prepare students for final year research projects, we will build on bibliographic and social bookmarking tools introduced earlier in the course.

Students will be given taught sessions on:

- Database searching (WoS & PubMed)
- Refworks
- CiteULike
- Critical appraisal of scientific literature

Students will then join a degree-specific online journal club at where they will contribute to a database of relevant papers and carry out critical appraisal of papers based on assessment criteria and annotated examples. Face to face help sessions will be held to support this exercise. At the end of the module, students contribution to the journal clubs will be assessed according to the criteria and marks awarded via the Blackboard gradebook. The existing sessions taught by Information Librarians on BS2060 will be retained and extended. It is hoped that students (and ideally staff) will continue to use the degree-specific online journal clubs after the completion of this module to support students as they prepare for and carry out their final year research projects.

Although we don't roll this out until February 2010, it's not too soon to start thinking how we are going to run and assess this - let the planning begin :-)