Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bye Bye Blackboard

Cloud over Blackboard I spent most of yesterday wrangling Blackboard in preparation for the start of term next week. Along the way, I started to wonder if I could just walk away from Blackboard (maybe the university would give me the money I'd save them as salary)? And I think the answer is yes (to the first question, but probably not the second).

Each student would get a blog (because I don't see the sense of abandoning a VLE to encumber yourself with the admin load of administering WordPressMU or any other centralized installation - let's put it in the cloud). This would serve as a place to submit assessments and receive feedback. Students could choose whether their blogfolio was public or only visible to instructors. The joy of RSS-everywhere in Wordpress would make large numbers of students a joy to administer.

Blackboard quizzes and other forms of data submission (usernames, etc) would be dealt with via Google forms on the Instructor's own course blog. Course materials would be published sequentially on the Instructor's course blog and support given via Twitter,, YouTube and Skype.

Let's do it (you know you want to).