Friday, September 18, 2009

One of those good news-bad news moments

I phoned the Highcross Apple Store who confirmed that the logic board in my Macbook is toast and that the replacement cost would be £550. Hasta la vista, Macbook. Kudos to the Highcross staff, they cushioned the blow by waiving the diagnostic fee.

So now I have to make a decision... I'm not a road warrior, and I don't use my laptop much, but when I'm away and I need to get online, I need to get online. So I'm thinking out loud about my options:

Netbook: Preferred option. Value for money. I'd love a flash drive, light, 10 inch netbook. But which one? I'm very impressed with my son's eeePC 901 running EasyPeasy, but truth is, there's just too much I can't do with Linux. Networking on the eeePC is dodgy, getting a 3G dongle to work is a real problem, and most of the time, there isn't wifi around when I need to be online. The Samsung N series got a really good press from ALT-C delegates - but could I really bring myself to run Windoze?

iPhone: Nice, convenient, but not value for money. Lack of Flash is also bad news, but text input for anything other than Twitter is the killer.

Macbook: Preferred option, but can I justify the cost? I could if I used a laptop more frequently, but probably not based on how much I actually do. It's all about the interface, stupid.