Thursday, September 24, 2009

UoL ITS website

tweet After a tweet yesterday, UoL ITS emailed me and asked if I would formally comment on their new Plonk-powered website (I'd like to call it Plone, honest, but Microsoft spellchecker insists that it's "Plonk" and keeps changing it, and since ITS won't let me use Open Office, I'm stuck with it ;-) Anyhow, nice to know that ITS is watching what we tweet. How about joining in the conversation guys rather than just lurking?

While the new version is very pastel pretty, personally, I find it much harder to navigate than the old version. For example, it took me an age to try to discover if Windows7 is available to users (I think the answer is no?). Did they try optimizing it with CrazyEgg? How much user testing did they do?

So, is it just me? If you have an opinion on the matter, leave a comment below or send me a private message and I'll collate all the comments and pass them on to ITS anonymously.