Friday, October 09, 2009

Disgusted of Liverpool

Metaplace Peter Miller ("Disgusted of Liverpool") has given up wasting time on me. He's given up so much that he stops by every few days to leave me a comment. While I welcome all the comments on this blog (it's this conversation which you contribute to that makes the whole thing worthwhile), in Peter's last comment he included some particularly useful information about alternatives to Second Life. I was hoping not to write about Second Life any more (in case I upset the delicate souls who are immune to the porn and sleaze on SL but get apoplectic when I say that SL might not be the best educational tool ever invented) but they just wouldn't let it lie...

In his latest comment, Peter said:
Lively was actually "cloned" by a Chinese company as NewLively if you want to use something of that kind. Metaplace is another option.
This is useful, so I went off to check them out. NewLively looks interesting, but has a few problems. First, "NewLively requires Windows Vista or XP", so I can't use it. Also, it requires a software download and install. Since I was unable to persuade UoL ITS to install OpenOffice on the University servers, what are my chances of getting them to install a dodgy Chinese alpha, when they won't even allow people to use SL?

On to Metaplace then. Now this is more like it. No software download, runs in the browser. Come and join me in AJCanns_World (if I'm not there when you are, I'm probably out to lunch - but send me a tweet and if I'm available, I'll try to join you so we can experiment).

So, it would appear that we have a VW system UoL people can use. What educational problem does this solve and what are we going to do with it?