Thursday, October 08, 2009


FRSStration No-one like RSS more than me, but the question has to be asked - is RSS dying? (Is RSS dying?, Why RSS sucks)

We had a frustrating time today trying to help students through the mess that Google Reader has now become. If anything, RSS use is decreasing rather than increasing. And even my colleagues who know what RSS is admit that they rarely look at their RSS subscriptions these days. Confusing tools such as Google Reader don't help.

This post was initiated by my frustration with Google Reader on our first year PLE module today - but after a short while, I started asking another question. Are we on the right track? Should we be banging on about RSS to first year bioscience students? Are there better was for them to spend their time? If the staff that teach them don't use it, is familiarity with RSS really a "key skill" ?