Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Google Wave I've figured out the only way I'll ever get my head around Wave is to keep plugging away at it until I find out what works and what doesn't. Unfortunately, opportunities to play with Wave have been very limited recently, so I was determined to use it during our PedR meeting yesterday, which I did.

I was hoping to make it a collaborative experience, but no-one else turned up with a laptop, and the iPod Touches much in evidence can't access Wave (easily). So while the chatter continued on Twitter, I squatted in splendid isolation in Wave.

One of the questions I was hoping to tackle was what is the optimum unit size in Wave for different functions, e.g. status update, liveblog, meeting record, wholedamnconference. To be honest, I didn't make too much progress, but I think I did decide that one blip per topic with multiple edits seemed to work better than a stream of blips each time I felt I wanted to record something, i.e. to create a document of record for a meeting, the unit size is moderately large.

Other than that, the only thing I was able to confirm (again) is that Wave feels much better when it's a collaborative experience - typing in isolation feels very sterile. So we have to wait for a much bigger user base. All in all, meh.

Update: Some useful thoughts here (also a rather good Wave blog).