Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where's the social?

delicious Our first year students are doing some excellent work on delicious, creating module resources:
Although some are a little confused about tagging, generally the standard is excellent and the module resources they are producing are superb. In addition to the potential value to students, the sites they bookmark and the commentary gives us some excellent feedback on our teaching. I suspect these pooled module resources are underused, but they are there for the brighter students who figure out the value of socially-generated knowledge.

What is not clear if they are using this material socially. There is no conversation on delicious and so feedback is hard to come by. Unless we use alternative channels (which confused students and takes much time), we are merely spectators in the creation of these resources and cannot get involved in guiding them. That, and the disastrous move to the Yahoo registration system, is the reason why things will be better next year when we move over from delicious/Google Reader to FriendFeed, where we can participate in direct conversations with students as they are working.