Thursday, December 17, 2009

e-learning workshops #cfbweb2 #uolafwg

e-portfolios Today I won't be leading a workshop on e-portfolios at the University of Leicester's Assessment and Feedback Working Group meeting on e-Assessment (#uolafwg). Just as yesterday I didn't go to our Enhancing Learning Through Web2.0 (#cfbweb2) event. Because at 1 am yesterday morning I started vomiting, followed by further unpleasant symptoms (fever, aching, and Half Man Half Biscuit lyrics running on a constant loop in my delirious brain Oooooh, piccalilli shinpads).

But I do want to apologize for wimping out of these events with a limp-wristed excuse such as my inability to maintain an upright position for more than a few seconds. And I most definitely want to thank all the people who made #cfbweb2 such a success (as far as I could tell from the hashtag:
  • Sheryl and Terry for organizing the event
  • Kevin for coming up to Leicester and enthusing everyone about CiteULike
  • Jo for stepping into the breach and covering for me
and all the participants. I'm very sorry I missed you, but I hope to have lots of conversations with you online.