Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Google Docs

Google Docs

It's Google Docs day week month here at Casa Mia. I'm working with colleagues in Leeds and across the road on a series of documents relating to a meeting we are organizing for next week. At the same time, I'm participating in the altc2010 meeting I didn't make it to in London today via another document. And student work (essays and presentations) is still tricking in from assessments run earlier this term. And I if find the time, I'll be putting together two joint presentations using Google Docs for the meeting next week.

So the question is, is Google Docs now so firmly embedded in my working practices that I couldn't live without it?

No. If it went away (or started charging more than a nominal fee), we'd simply move on a congregate round one of the other web office suites that are out there (and don't forget, Microsloth Office online, coming to an everywhere near you, soon).

Redundancy - essential (in this context).