Monday, December 21, 2009

Location, Location, Location

Around this time of year bloggers get an irresistible urge to do a "year in review" post, or, god forbid, series of posts, to fill the booze-fueled hours between Christmas and New Year. I actually started thinking about my stocking filler back in September when I was musing about the highlights of the year and it occurred to me: I've been to some cracking locations this year. Among the highlights were:

June: Science Communication Conference 09 at King's Place, London
Kings Place

August: Science Online London 09 at the Royal Institution, London
Faraday Lecture Theatre

October: Future of Technology in Education 09 at the Royal Geographical Society, London

My statistical mind implores me to tell you that there was no correlation between the grandeur of the location and the quality of discussion...