Friday, December 04, 2009

Rethinking CiteULike

I'm getting my teaching materials ready for next term (online undergraduate journal club via CiteULike):

When I originally thought about using CiteULike for this, I had in mind setting up groups for each degree stream, but having played around with CiteULike groups some more this week, and bearing mind the success of our social bookmarking project (over 1500 bookmarks for a first year biochemistry module so far this term), groups feel like an unnecessary encumbrance. A lightweight approach seems much more feasible, so degree-specific tags it is, also taking advantage of one of the best features of CiteULike, RSS everywhere. I don't feel that groups would add much to this exercise. Would the students really spend as much time on CiteULike as they do in Facebook, populating the group forums and debating science? I think not.