Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Cheerful New Year Post #2

fail Following on from yesterday's post, I've decided to revisit my biggest failures of 2010:

Wikis/wiki-based e-portfolios: You'd a thunk wikis would have been a big hit in 2009, and yet... Collaborative document editing (Google Docs, Etherpad, etc) hit the bigtime, but wikis seemed to stall. The worse disaster was my attempt to use wikis as a basis for student e-portfolios. Ironically, too much flexibility and not enough scaffolding.
Lesson learned: Less is more.

Waving at Hamlet: I'm still scratching my head over Google Wave slightly, although I feel clearer about it than before. Back in the heady days when we were experimenting with Wave, I hit on a plan which seemed like an interesting idea - use Wave as an authoring tool to capture the process of writing an academic paper, the text of which would be constructed and contained within the Wave describing its production. The Wave turned into a snowball, picking up coauthors with specialist skills so that we could divide up the workload and speed up (?) production of the manuscript. (For those unfamiliar with the plot of Hamlet, a play is staged within a play, following which Hamlet goes mad. After a couple of days in Wave, I started to know how he felt...)
Lesson learned: Keep it Simple, Stupid.

My Career: I'm not currently getting enough traction from my investment in Web2.0. This is due to a combination of timing and local circumstances. I blogged quite a lot less in 2009, but it felt like more. Negative career value. Feels like I need a holiday. Bollocks, just had one.
Lesson learned: What's in it for me?

Where do I go from here? It feels like there's not much I can do to influence events at present. Head down and wait for the coming change to sweep the past away. Slip off the bleeding edge. In the meantime, maybe I need a new hobby, something to take my mind off it. Any suggestions?