Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Doing real science" on Friendfeed

Friendfolios Our first year Biological Sciences students are starting to do some great work with their Friendfolios. I'd really like to share some of it with a wider audience, but there are issues with revealing identities. So I need suggestions as to the best way to do this. Obviously we could use static screenshots with the names obscured, but I'd really like to find an interactive way of sharing. Some of the students have chosen to create private Friendfeed accounts, so you could argue that they have already made their choice, but I'm still a bit uncomfortable about putting people in the spotlight. I suppose I could reveal my Friendfeed teaching identity and let people draw their own conclusions from the accounts I'm following and my Likes and Comments, but I'm not sure about this.

Most of all, I'd like the students who have grokked Friendfeed to be able to interact with the scientific community on the site and realize that real science goes on in this medium, and that there is something beyond the rather sterile, fact-driven scientific education they get from lectures and practical classes (labs). A few students have already joined some of the Friendfeed science Groups of their own volition, but it would be nice to give the high flyers some real science to get their teeth into.