Friday, January 08, 2010

Why would I want to share?

share I'm having the highly pleasurable experience of participation in two conferences this week without the stress and CO2 of actually going to either of them.

The "highlight" (actually a lowlight) so far has been an issue raised by John Thompson at the Durham Blackboard User's conference:

Students keep telling me that they understand Web 2.0, yet there’s precious little evidence of this in terms of their (formal) learning practices.

"Why would I want to share?"

This is a recurring theme, and something I alluded to in a previous post. The comments on that post tied in with the negative theme, staff and students alike not wanting to share. So one of the tasks I've set myself for 2010 is to try to come up with at least one convincing answer I can trot out when one of the skeptics says to me:

"Why would I want to share?"

No real breakthrough so far, but the things I'm thinking about include:
Any other suggestions for productive lines of thought?