Friday, February 12, 2010

Feedback on Friendfolios

One of the reasons we were keen on using Friendfeed is because unlike many other services (e.g. delicious), it allows us to leave feedback for students in the location where they are working rather than trying to pull their attention to another location (e.g. email). On several modules, we have extended the Blackboard authentication hub by incorporating Friendfeed into the module site, either as a straight link in the content frame:


Or via a filtered module-specific tag:


The nice thing about this is that if someone if logged into Friendfeed (and logins are persistent), they can move and work seamlessly between the two environments. Attention flows and is not divided. By linking feedback (and more importantly, two-way discussions) on assessments to Friendfeed threads from locations within Blackboard, we have been able to generate more engagement with feedback than we ever managed with any of the Blackboard tools.

I've just left the first round of formal feedback for students which reinforces the constant informal feedback given through our presence in the service. The responses have been fantastically positive (unfortunately, I can't share them all with you yet). There was some confusion around public versus private account settings, but other than that, Friendfolios look like the future of PDP to me.