Thursday, February 25, 2010

Friendfolios update

Friendfolio progress report Now that a month has gone by, I scraped some data via the friendfeed api to see how our first year students (n = 137) are getting on with their friendfolios.

Rather than total activity (including status updates), I looked at the level of interactivity via the number of comments and likes. The numbers of both follow a power law distribution, a classical web long tail. The median number of comments/likes is 17/7, maximum 115/93 (and minimum of course, zero). The way these graphs are drawn, the tail represents the high frequency users. This is a pretty crude analysis of interactivity and it won't be until we run the full network analysis in a few weeks time that we will have a good overall picture of what is going on, but it's clear that we have a small number of highly engaged users and a larger number of low frequency interactions - possibly no surprise. I also looked at gender influence on interactivity:


Although females make more comments/likes per head (37/16) than males (24/11), the difference is not statistically significant (Fisher's exact test, p = 1), which is good.

When the assessed phase of the project is over in a few weeks time, we will run a complete analysis of the data, including status updates, comments and likes, as well as network diagrams, but since we are unable to reveal any of the original data for ethical reasons, I know some people have been waiting for a sneak peek of the outcomes of the project.