Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Mendeley Warning: Lots of UoL politics in this post!

This morning we had our UoL GrokMendeley meeting. In the event, lots of people couldn't make it so we were a very small select group. More Jaffa Cakes for me.

After a general chat about our perceptions of the differences between Mendeley, CiteULike and Papers, we had a quick look at the Mendeley pdf markup and MSWord tools, which Selina has found to be very attractive to some users.

In the end, we decided that the Library will make an application to the Software Panel to get the Mendeley client installed on CFS before Windoze 7 purdah strikes. In order to do this, Alex is going to try to arrange to gather some data about Mendeley by running a short trial on Tagginganna. If we can get the client installed on CFS, we'll let someone else worry about the legal issues around pdf sharing. (Oh, I forgot, I wasn't supposed to say that ;-)

And after that? The only thing that is really clear is that Mendeley is going to evolve rapidly over the next few years. While it needs to, this is a bit of a problem because of the difficulties of getting the Mendeley client updated on CFS.

As far as I personally am concerned, I'm happy to keep a watching brief on Mendeley. I'll be using CiteULike for the foreseeable future. It's kinda fun though, being on the sidelines and watching the epic Darwinian struggle between these emerging research tools and the dying Endnoteosaurus.