Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Optimistically, I spent two hours online listening to the @timeshighered #voteHE "debate", hoping a politician seeking election might come up with something as radical as a policy. Any policy. But no. Apparently, we have to "wait and see".

The first ten minutes were the worst, when all three parties agreed that funding cuts already agreed were inevitable.

The second ten minutes were the worst as well, when they carried on talking in a policy vacuum.

After that, it all went downhill, enlivened only by David Lammy's gaffes, such as "In 1997 the capital budget for FE was zero. This year it's five and a half times what it was then", and that old favourite, "You don't know my sister...".

But at least the whole thing has cleared up the election problem. If you're concerned about UK higher education, the only sensible choice is Official Monster Raving Loony. All the other parties are a bit bonkers.