Monday, February 08, 2010

Winning the game

Asus eeePC 900 As part of a complex negotiation which took place over the weekend, my son became the owner of a new iPod Touch while I became the owner of a used Asus eeePC 900. Both of us are happy with the deal.

The eeePC had languished unused for several months, and with the arrival of the iPod Touch, it was clear that it wouldn't get used any more. The iMac gets used a lot, and the iPod Touch is fine for MSN and Facebook, although of course, the clincher is that the iPT is also a games platform.

I, on the other hand, am happier with the eeePC (now running Karmic Koala under the easyPeasy netbook interface). I get Flash, decent browsers and better text entry. Of course, I couldn't survive with the eeePC as my main device, but as my sofa companion for evening online interaction (e.g. tweeting my frustration with TV), it works well.

So I guess Steve Jobs' remarks about netbooks need to be filtered through the age demographic. I guess I'm in the netbook generation.