Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Digital Researcher #DR10

British Library You know how it is. The meeting goes quiet, then you unexpectedly hear yourself volunteering to give not one, but three presentations at the Digital Researcher event at the British Library on March 15th.

The next thing you know, it's a couple of weeks before the event and you're trying to work out what you should say to a group of postgraduate researchers dipping their toes into the digital world, possibly for the first time.

I feel fairly confident about my first session, introducing the audience to microblogging, talking about networks and doing the housekeeping, such as the #DR10 hashtag we hope is going to hold the day together.

I'm a little more scared about my second session on social bookmarking, not because I don't have enough to say on the topic, but because I was the idiot that suggested we should run these info sessions in PechaKucha format, and I don't have much experience of presenting in this demanding way.

OK, I don't have any experience of presenting in this demanding way :-|

The session that worries me most is my last one on intellectual property (meaning, as far as I'm concerned, Open Access, Creative Commons and Open Source). Even though I have 30 minutes for this one, I'm worried that I'm going to leave important stuff out. Which is why, apart from the fact that if I believe in social tools I should crowdsource these sessions anyway, I'm asking for your help. Given 30 minutes, what would you tell postgraduate researchers about intellectual property, and what resources would you point them at?