Monday, March 29, 2010

Gender Bender?

Gender I spent Saturday afternoon marking the Friendfolios our students have been creating this term. Overall, both the feedback and the marks are very good, but after a short while of systematically going through them, it became clear that females were contributing more than males. However, the picture is complex - for example, the top contributor is male. Does assessment based on social network activity favour one gender over the other? So while we will be doing more complete analysis soon, I had a quick look at gender influence for this assessment. The median marks for the Friendfolio component and overall module mark were:
Although females score higher marks than males, there is no significant difference between the marks (chi square, p 0.58), hence no evidence that assessment of social network activity has a gender bias. Why do males score less than females? Because they submit fewer assessments. If we want to worry about something, that's what we need to sort out. Let's start with why this is.