Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I say Pub, you say Quiz

logo After dinner at the CFB Reps Forum last September, Peter Klappa gave us a practical demonstration of how pub quizzes can be used in an educational context. In spite of the hangover next day, I decided that this was still a good idea and that I wanted to try it out on one of my own courses.

In a nail-bitingly close finish (nineteen and a half point to nineteen), AIDS & Co managed to hold off a late push from the Vacant Virologists to unexpectedly claim the confectionery prize. The whole thing was clearly very engaging, and I will certainly be using this format again, although like all such interventions, it clearly needs to be used sparingly to remain effective.


1. Have you done this type of exercise before (if so, when)?
No (All)

2. Was this session useful?
I found it very useful - learnt a lot. I will be using the quizzes on blackboard more since doing questions has proved helpful. Very useful form of revision. I learned more than I expected to from it. It was a nice overview of the past few weeks (and it doesn't hurt that we had fun doing it).
It was quite useful to have it brought all the lecture material that you had taught together. It was also quite fun.
It was useful to see what small details we knew and it was also very enjoyable to take part in it.

3. Any other comments?
Can we have a copy of the answers please.
Very enjoyable. Would be nice to have a copy of the Q&As.
It would be quite useful to have the questions and answers. Or just the answers for use in revision.
[problematic - writing good questions is time consuming and I need to be able to reuse them]
Probably the best tutorial in all the 3 years I’ve had.