Friday, March 05, 2010

Peer Review - A Love Poem by Google

Peer Review - A Love Poem

Every here is the process of subjecting your
work and your ideas to your peers in other
words people
with the same level of qualifications that
you have
they've already done something to review about
essentially what's happening when you're doing
group work
but they refused recorded by almost everyone
I was in the central part all the scientific
process and certainly
if you're going to have a scientific career
you will be subjected to peer review annual
city taking part in peer review of other people's
work on a regular basis
throughout the course of the next week
what we'd like you to do
these two engaged in some the reviews
all of the work that's going on here on friend the
and what i'd like you to do to take to or
three all the people that you follow on friend feet
and to subject
their call for the haitians to
the review in other words
we want you to look at their coleman's
on their status updates and the like
and that pattern of activity over the past
few weeks old friend the
I want to right for them
your impressions old how they're getting
a loan compare it with
hello everyone else is going on for a fee
the reason we want you to do things
it's because by engaging in this process
you will inform yourself of have you were kidding
because peer review process or of mutual benefit
don't you think
we don't want is to just degenerate into
a from of on what people thought the bus
because that doesn't really have any value
that just wasting your time you could be spending
doing something useful
but on the other hand of this movie sins of
the room or the abrupt
so as with professional career years
a little bit of time and diplomacy
the school for which the oldest when you take
part in this process or it really doesn't
have any value
so take some of your
about the fortunate that face our friends
he doesn't call them friends that a printed
refers to the people you follow as the subscriptions
take some of your subscriptions
and I didn't hear review over the next week.