Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Redundancy Notice

Friendfeed has wormed it's way so deeply into my consciousness that I can't have a f2f conversation any more without trying to click the Like link that isn't there.
What do you mean, get out more?
By the same token, I no longer wake up sweating at 3am wondering if I'll have a job next month. Right now it's, What is Facebook going to do to Friendfeed? This results in an irresistible compulsion to investigate alternatives to Friendfeed, hence recent interest in BuddyPress, and huge disappointment that a company with the resources of Google could turn out a piece of crap like Buzz (which is not to say that Buzz won't improve with time).

Fortunately, the fact that lots of other people (such as Cameron, Neil and others) are going through the same thing means that I have no doubts about my sanity. Still, I find myself jumping from site to site asking, Could this be the replacement for Friendfeed? So far, the answer is no. The closest I've come so far is probably Cliqset, although at present it falls short of Friendfeed.

That isn't crucial at this time, what matters is multiple tool redundancy, so that if one goes down or becomes unusable, another takes it's place. What is far more problematic is the fragmentation of the community which has built up around Friendfeed. Since we're all unlikely to agree on the same tool to migrate to, that's where decentralized semantic microblogging comes in, although that's even further away than a replacement for twitter at present. The future holds more and more of this redundant approach to online technologies, as any parent of a PS3-deprived teenager will currently tell you. With Friendfeed, I can switch to another service, with a PS3, I'm stuck. iPad? No thanks.

In the meantime, another day, another tool...